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Carpet Cleaning


Basic Service: Includes carpet agitation, hot water detergent extraction, and post grooming.

Deluxe Service: Adds pre-vacuuming, heavy duty pre-spray, furniture moving, and deodorizer. 

Premium Service: Adds protectorant.

Upholstery Cleaning


Standard Service: Includes cleaning of all fabric on upholstered furniture and cushions of the same material.


Tile & Grout Cleaning


Standard Service: Includes pre-spray, scrubbing of grout lines, and a high pressure steam rinse.

We won’t always be aware of allergies that you, your family, or friends may experience.

That’s why stainmasters has developed a green carpet cleaner that’s non allergenic and certified by the FDA.

We promise : our style of cleaning won’t just take allergens from the floor and put them back into the air.

Your family’s health and safety is always a priority with Stainmasters.

Commercial Cleaning




We offer discounted pricing for commercial customers, property managers, and realtors.

Please call for details.











The WATER CLAW Sub-Surface Spot Lifter literally flushes contaminants from carpet face fibers, backing and pad. Amazing results can be achieved on a variety of spotting problems when combined with the professional technicians knowledge of spotting solutions.




DriMaster™ Upholstery Tool

DriMaster™ Upholstery Tool is unlike any tool you have ever used. Using new Jetless Cleaning Technology, it has no trigger valve, no spray jet, and never needs a second drying-pass. The solution is under constant flow, trained by the patented injector bar and slotted vacuum port system. The result is a highly effective cleaning tool that works without overwetting or heat loss. Even narrow areas can be cleaned without any overspray.